It is with great pleasure that I will be able to help you find the ring of your dreams and to size it to fit. I make my rings using the lost wax cast method and fabrication techniques. Everything I make I guarantee for your pleasure and I welcome any questions or desires for a simple custom design.


Paypal is the preferred method of payment. It is quick, easy and guaranteed.
I also accept USPS money orders and/or personal check made out to Maggie Alvidrez.
All California residents will be charged 8.75% state sales tax.
If you change your mind about a paid sale please let me know asap so I don’t send the ring prematurely.


I ship Domestic 1st class to save everyone money. This includes delivery confirmation, a strong plastic envelope, items are wrapped with anti-tarnish tissue paper, boxed and items over $80. will receive a free polish cloth. I do sell these cloths individually for $4.00 free ship, please convo or look for listing on these.
International delivery in most cases is , 1st Class International, cost $5.00 with no insurance or signture-you at your own risk with this; Express Priority International costs $35.00 & is insured with signature or Registered with Signature Confirmation, cost: $18.00, please inquire.

Refunds and Exchanges

I stand behind every item I make, if there is a need to return the item, please do so within 2 weeks, in original packaging and reason for return. I will reimburse you the actual cost including shipping.

Additional Policies and FAQs

I will take on any custom requests of a simple nature, I consider wholesale orders over $200.00 with a percentage taken off actual price. There is no consignment policies as this has not worked out in the past.
All items guaranteed.


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