Hello and welcome to my world of silver!

My name is Maggie. 35 years of working in sterling silver and solid gold designs, I will be offering different styles as time allows. My techniques include stone setting, lapidary, silver & gold fabrication as well as lost wax castings. Working with many vintage molds, I may be able to help you find a piece of yesterday!

Do not hesitate to ask any questions, big or small, I can direct you to the right answer.  Keep your eye on me we go along in this new, strange world of ours.

This picture shows the melting of the silver up to 1640˚ degrees in the crucible and then right after the silver is thrown into the flask and spun at least 500 times around in the centrifuge until it stops. This is very exciting and I wanted you to see the flames and fire it takes to complete this part of the process of jewelry making..